Where is Turkey? Turkey Location on World Map

Where is Turkey? Turkey Location on World Map

From Turkish dances and music to Turkish coffee and desserts, the inroads that Turkey has made into our hearts is through multiple channels. Extremely popular with tourists, this country has a rich heritage and culture to offer to all. But first, where is Turkey located?

We all have seen visuals of mosques and deserts superimposed against woodlands and mountains, in a bid to showcase the physical diversity of this land. But Turkey’s attractions do not stop there. It permeates into the local cuisine and handicrafts.

Where is Turkey Situated?

Where is Turkey Situated?

Turkey is located in Western Asia, with a part of it in Southeast Europe. This transcontinental country acts as a bridge between the east and the west, lying both on the Anatolian Peninsula and on the Balkan Peninsula.

Spread over 783,356 square kilometers or 302,455 square miles, Turkey’s geographical position on the globe is approximately 40 degrees North in terms of latitude and 32 degrees East in terms of longitude.

Currently known as Türkiye, this country borders Bulgaria and Greece to the northwest, the Black Sea to the north, the Aegean Sea to the west, Georgia to the northeast, the Mediterranean Sea and Syria to the south, Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia to the east and Iraq to the southeast.

One of the most visited nations in the world, Turkey sits in the northern hemisphere and follows the Turkey Time (TRT), which is 3 hours ahead of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+3).

Turkey Map from India

Turkey is located to the west of India. It is about 4,515 km away from India in terms of aerial distance. The sea route and roadway from India to Turkey is beyond discussion as the time, circuitous journey, cost and effort required are not worth considering those options.

India and Turkey are separated by Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. There are no modes of land transportation that can make this continuous journey for a non-diplomatic passport holder as the border controls on each leg are complicated.

Türkiye Map from India
How to reach Türkiye from India

How to Reach Turkey from India

The only way to travel to Turkey from India is to fly. Non-stop flights are available from New Delhi and Mumbai to Istanbul. The shortest flight is from New Delhi and takes 7 hours and 5 minutes.

The cheapest flight to Turkey from India will cost at least INR 33,000 per person for one-way in economy class. Connections are also available to Ankara – the capital of Turkey. However, layovers are involved on this route.

There are 35 international airports and the most famous ones are Ankara Esenboğa Airport, Antalya Airport, Istanbul Airport and Konya Airport. Airlines that fly non-stop between the two countries are Turkish Airlines – the flag carrier of Turkey and IndiGo.

Other airlines that operate on this route but with layovers on the way are Go First, Pegasus, Jazeera, Gulf Air, Air India – the national carrier of India, Kuwait Airways – the flag bearer of Kuwait, SpiceJet, Qatar Airways – the flag carrier of Qatar, SunExpress, Oman Air – the national airline of Oman, SalamAir, Saudia – the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, Emirates, flydubai, Air France – the national carrier of France.

Qantas – the flag bearer of Australia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – the national airline of the Netherlands, Ethiopian – the flag carrier of Ethiopia, LOT Polish Airlines – the national carrier of Poland, Etihad – the flag bearer of the United Arab Emirates, Lufthansa – the national airline of Germany, EgyptAir – the flag carrier of Egypt, Finnair – the national carrier of Finland, British Airways – the flag bearer of the United Kingdom, Vistara and Middle East Airlines – the national airline of Lebanon.

The Best Time to Visit Turkey from India

Turkey vacation packages from India are popular during the summer months of June to September. However, the best weather is in spring and autumn. If you are able to plan your holidays well, you should visit from March to May or September to November, when the temperatures are between 25 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.

The peak season of summer usually sees the thermometer hitting 35 degrees Celsius, even though the sunshine hours are at the max. To skip the tourist rush, the off-season months of November to March are nice as well.

Winters in Turkey are chilly, but warmer than most of their continental counterparts. You will find the mercury hovering around 10 degrees Celsius. For ski vacations, January is a great month and this is also an affordable alternative to Switzerland or France.

The Best Time to Visit Turkey from India

Is Turkey Good for Honeymoon?

Turkey is famous for its romantic experiences such as hot air balloon rides over the gorgeous landscape of Cappadocia, luxurious baths in a Turkish hammam, island hopping in a yacht or paragliding in Pamukkale. This makes it one of the top contenders on the list of honeymooning destinations.

Other activities to do in Turkey include watching a dance performance by whirling dervishes, sailing along the Bosphorus Strait for a glimpse of the imposing Hagia Sophia mosque or riding a horse in the Red Valley to explore its fairy chimneys – intriguing rock formations.

Turkey Tour Packages from India

Turkey tour packages often take you to markets for a wholesome shopping experience. You can buy white and blue ceramic tile art, luxurious carpets, intricate lamps and even spices. You will be able to bargain at most of the shops.

Turkey vacation packages are incomplete without a taste of their rich cuisine. Sip on Turkish tea and sweeten it with a baklava, stuff your face with borek (a savory pie-shaped pastry), köfte (traditional meatball), döner kebab (spit-roasted meat), meze made of fried veggies, dips, olives and cheese, pide (flatbread pizza), menemen (scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers and onions) and Turkish delight (an Ottoman confection). You can also try the traditional alcohol – raki (made from aniseed and grapes)

Türkiye Location & Distance from India

Turkey is fast picking up in popularity with Indians and if you are not quick to plan your holiday, you will find yourself jostling for space with countless other tourists. Make your list of things to see, eat and experience and pick out your clothes for each day of exploring the beautiful cities that call Turkey their home.